Åkebo 6


Located at Lilla Åkebosjön is the red cottage with white trim that we call Åkebo 6. The cottage is located around 7 km from Hultsfred and 28 km from Astrid Lindgren's Vimmerby.

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Panoramic Picture from the driveway

Room Allocation:

● Size: 45 square meters (main cabin) + 12 sqm (guest cabin)

● 1 small hall

● 1 kitchen

● 1 dining room

● 1 bathroom with shower and WC

● 1 small bedroom with bunk bed for 2 people + 1 pull-out bed

● 1 living room with a flat-screen TV, sofa bed for 2 people, space for folding baby cot (available to borrow)

● 1 guest cabin with 1 bed, 1 bunk bed for 2 people, located approximately 10 m from the main cabin

● The cabin has electricity and water from deep drilled well.

● The cottage underwent renovation during the winter of 2013-2014.

● There are large lawns, perfect for kids to run and play on.

● Garden furniture are on display in the garden for long summer breakfasts!

● Pets are welcome but no smoking

● Choose between: bring your own sheets/towels and final cleaning or buy these services.

● Checking in saturdays from 15:00 and check out saturdays at 11:00

● During high season (summertime) we only rent out the accommodation weekly, Saturday-Saturday.



The surrounding area:

In the village of Åkebo you can feel the serenity and peacefulness. In the area there is a chance to see both roe deer and moose. In the forest there is also excellent blueberry and lingonberry-places. If you are lucky, you will hear the owl hooting over the lake at night. It is possible to rent the cottage in spring, summer, autumn and winter.

Åkebo 6 is located in Stora Hammarsjö area at Lilla Åkebosjön surrounded by forest and pasture in summer grazed by cows.

The lake is great for fishing as there is plenty of bream and if you are lucky, you can catch several on the same night (one of the largest caught weighed 1.2 kg!).

A short distance from our cottage you will find Stora Hammarsjön, where there is a nice family beach. There it is possible to rent both a sauna and hot tub through Hultsfreds tourist information centre.

At Stora Hammarsjön there is also the nature reserve Björnnäset, a real enchanted forest, with many long pathways in the beautiful nature of Småland.

Besides Lilla Åkebosjön and Stora Hammarsjön, there are about 23 other lakes to fish in, and if you want to fish for rainbow trout, there are also 3 lakes for it. Fishing licenses purchased at SFK Krokens website or at Hultsfred tourist information centre and Frendo in Hultsfred .

More information about the conservation area can be found at Hultsfred tourist information centre and SFK Krokens website.




● Price/week, v 25-35: 5 500 SEK

● Price/week, rest of the year: 4 500 SEK

● Price/day: 1000 kr

● Renting of sheets and towels: 150 SEK/person

● Final cleaning: 1000 SEK

● Visit our ad at Stugnet: http://www.stugnet.com/objekt.asp?id=11613




As you travel on the road 23/34 past Hultsfred, turn off to the westbound sign Stora Hammarsjöns FVO. Once there, drive about 6 km until you see the sign Åkebo, turn right onto the gravel road, then left at the T-junction. Åkebo 6 is the second cottage on the left (red house, white trim, No. 6).



In the surrounding area:

Shop: 7 km

Pharmacy: 7 km

Swimming: 150 m (Lilla Åkebosjön)

Bank: 7 km

Boat Rental: 7 km

Fishing: 150 m (Lilla Åkebosjön) and in the area

Golf: 17 km, Tobo Golfklubb



Attractions in the area:

● Astrid Lindgrens värld

● Skogsupplevelser Eriksgården

● Ingebo Hagar

● Målilla moosepark och Virum moosepark

● Nils Holgerssons värld

● Vena Värdshus

● Speedway Målilla

● Målilla Traktor Power Weekend

● This is Hultsfred, festival

● Skogens honungscafé

● Bullerbyn

● Tobo Golfklubb

● Mariannelunds Karamellkokeri

● Katthult

● Fågeltornet i Jernudda

● Fallhults Ekogård

Restaurang: 7 km

Public indoor pool: 7 km

Beach: ca 4 km, Stora Hammarsjön

Liquor store: 7 km

Hiking trails: 2 km

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