Wild boar

WILD BOAR HUNTING 16 April - 15 February

We offer wild boar hunting on feeding places and fields throughout the year. We have many different hunting areas, with three-mile radius around Hultsfred in Småland, making it possible to hunt wild boars where they are staying at the moment.

We have good access to feeding places, several of which are lit. These are spread over a large geographical area, which means we usually always have access to good hunting. This, combined with field hunt, means that many guests return home with a good hunting experience.


A standard group consists of four to six hunters. They hunt for two or three nights at the feeding places combined with sneaking on fields cultivated with corn, potatoes, wheat, oats etc.

The guests are living in a hunting area, depending on the activity of the wild boars, we transport you as a guest sometimes to another area for the best experience. We can offer breakfast and dinner packages to your hunt.


Contact us for more information about hunting and accommodation. Leave your own requirements, and we will build a package that suits you.


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